Our team is at your service

Rolf Schneider
Chairman of the Board of Directors
E-Mail: r.schneider[at]dr-blumer.ch

Dr. iur. René Schwarzmann
Member of the Board of Directors
E-Mail: r.schwarzmann[at]dr-blumer.ch

Olivier M. Bill
Member of the Executive Board
E-Mail: o.bill[at]dr-blumer.ch

Marco Ludescher
Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA)/ Customer Consultant
E-Mail: m.ludescher[at]dr-blumer.ch

Bekir Filik
Customer Consultant
E-Mail: b.filik[at]dr-blumer.ch

Dr. iur. Hans Blumer
E-Mail: h.blumer[at]dr-blumer.ch

Heinz Kappeler
E-Mail: h.kappeler[at]dr-blumer.ch

Andreas Trümpler
Software Development
E-Mail: a.truempler[at]dr-blumer.ch

Jasmina Rukavina
Securities Back Office/Office Management
E-Mail: j.rukavina[at]dr-blumer.ch

Juana Müller-Kurft
Securities Back Office/Office Management
E-Mail: j.mueller[at]dr-blumer.ch