The QuantAnalysis produces additional value for your assets

We preserve and increase your assets based on facts rather than on emotions.

The living situation of each person and family counselled by us is unique. For that reason we take a lot of time to define in conjunction with you the investment objectives. In the execution you can choose between an asset management mandate and an advisory mandate depending on how strongly you want to take part in the control of your portfolio.

The performance is suffering when investment decisions are influenced by emotions, personal interests, prognoses and rumours. Many scientific investigations have confirmed this. To exclude those influences Dr. Blumer & Partner developed as one of the first independent wealth management in Europe a computer-assisted selection process for equities and fund: the B&P QuantAnalysis is based only on facts. The success speaks for itself. The B&P QuantAnalysis has surpassed the benchmarks MSCI World and Stoxx Europe 600 in the categories of global equities and Europe since the introduction 20 years ago.

The B&P QuantAnalysis is used exclusively for the asset management mandates B&P DirectInvest and B&P FundInvest.

B&P DirectInvest – Wealth Management with direct investments

Your assets are invested in direct investments. The stock selection is based on the B&P QuantAnalysis. We use key figures such as sales, cash flow, profit, dividend up to the correlation and risk factors of 130 indices and 50’000 titles worldwide and evaluate the recommendation of 6’000 analysts. The bond is managed by using conventional methods.
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B&P FundInvest – Wealth Management with investment fund

The fund selection of the B&P QuantAnalysis includes criteria such as benchmark and performance comparisons, risk and volatility indicators, manager qualifications and cost structures. The aim of fund analysis is to identify trends and ensure a continuous quality of the fund portfolio.
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