FundInvest Wealth Management with investment fund

B&P QuantAnalysis has proven its merits not only for share investments but also for active management of fund safekeeping accounts. The analysis program evaluates over 6000 investment funds across the globe and seeks out the most promising among them.

Depending on their appetite for risk, clients can choose between conservative, balanced or dynamic investment strategies. FundInvest is suitable for smaller budgets as well as for big investors. You select a strategy that matches your personal needs as well as your appetite for risk and corresponds to your investment horizon. The higher the proportion of shares, the higher the opportunity for return – but also the risk of loss.

The following strategies are available:

  • Conservative:
 You are very security-conscious and you aim for moderate but steady growth.
  • Balanced: You want to take advantage of dynamic growth opportunities, but only with a limited risk.
  • Dynamic:
You accept greater price fluctuations in return for maximum increase in value.

Your advantages:

  • You can already open a personal fund account managed by a representative Swiss private bank as of a one-time deposit of CHF 5,000.
  • Your fund account is actively managed by Dr. Blumer & Partner according to the selected investment strategy.
  • With the construction plan you can already build up your assets with a one-time investment of 1’500 francs and monthly installments of 100 francs.

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